It was an expectedly messy affair tonight at the MAFS dinner party, with bullying and hypocrisy being projected at a faster rate than the red wine being consumed (and that’s saying something) – you can check out the full episode recap below:

But amidst the messiness, one unlikely figure was praised online for being cool, calm and collected. A polarising figure who the viewers mistakenly disregarded, at first. Yes, that’s right – Ivan, and his marvellous sockettes.


We simply have no choice but to stan a redemption story. As said by Twitter user @CaptainJackFrost, “Ivan being the only decent guy in this scenario is something I could never predict but am thankful for.” What a guy. What a time to be alive.

Aside from Ivan’s promotion to favourable MAFS star, Michael’s pot-stirring polarised the internet, with some folk questioning his intentions and others praising the guy for providing the viewers with drama.

Also, Poppy and Luke’s exit not making the cut in tonight’s episode was a very, er… interesting decision.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here are tonight’s most iconic tweets:

There was also one thing Twitter was certain about, and that was the relationship expert’s questionable position on the show.

See you next week, friends. For now, let’s meditate, go for a walk or talk to a loved one – anything to rid ourselves from the negative energy the radiated from our screens by the end of that episode.

Image: Channel 9