Here’s All The Wild Posts The MAFS 2023 Cast Have Made On IG Since Reclaiming Their Handles

You may think that the reunion episodes of Married At First Sight are the source of the most MAFS-related tea. However, I beg to differ. I think the most goss comes to the surface after the series finale when the cast finally gains complete access to their Instagram accounts. It may take a little longer, but usually, it’s worth it. Thankfully, they gained access this week.

Originally, the MAFS 2023 cast were set to get their IG accounts back on May 8 once the series had finished airing in the UK. But due to a delay, their access was halted and they didn’t receive full access until May 15.

Between the airing of the finale and May 15, the MAFS social media team had been posting on their behalf. In the meantime, the gang have been running amok on TikTok and I bet there’s a bunch of execs who were kicking themselves for not being down with the kids enough to chuck a TikTok ban into the contract too.

According to So Dramatic! the cast had meetings with Channel Nine to do an official handover of their logins and when they went to their account, they found their IG messages had been completely wiped.

“Apparently [producers] are saying we can post but can’t say we are back or that we have our accounts back on our accounts yet,” an anonymous cast member told the site.

So, let’s have a look at which MAFS 2023 contestants have made the most of their reclaimed IG accounts so far.

Alyssa Barmonde

As Alyssa Barmonde has been very outspoken about the fact she has a child, it’s only fitting that she used her first IG post back on her to salute fellow mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day.

She posted a video of her patting her son’s back with the caption:

“Happy Mother’s Day to all those mama’s that put their babies first So incredibly lucky this little boy chose me. He’s taught me patience, joy, innocence, and unconditional love. He will always be my number one, and I’ll always protect him. I’ll always be forever grateful that he had saved my life. #ihaveachild. [sic]”

(Credit: Instagram / Alyssa Barmonde @alyssa_barmonde)

Say what you want about Alyssa but girly is self-aware and I love that.

Alyssa also has another IG account for her cake-baking business @Alyssabakescakes but this account remains on private.

Caitlin Mcconville

Caitlin McConville left the experiment halfway through after her on-screen relationship with Shannon Adams crashed and burned. She’s now thriving with a new boyfriend, Kobe Barton.

(Image Credit: Caitlin McConville @caitlinmcconville)

Her first post back on IG showed off the makeup artist’s impeccable skin. I mean, she looks airbrushed. Drop your secrets, sis.

She captioned the post “My Monday just got a whole lot better👋🏼”.

Duncan James

Look, I’ll admit. Despite having his IG back nothing much has really changed with Duncan James‘ posts. I thought that now that his relationship with Evelyn Ellis is out in the open that they’d be all loved up on grid but there’s none of that to be seen…well, aside from their initial relationship announcement.

I think we’ll just have to accept that Duncan’s presence on the social media site is shirtless man poses and a one-liner caption. I’m okay with that.

Evelyn Ellis

Evelyn hasn’t posted about her new relo with Duncan either!

Instead, she’s used her newfound freedom to post a bunch of pics that showcase her gorgeous look from Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie‘s Married At First Sight Dinner Party.

She captioned it by keeping it simple: “Cupids chokehold 🖤🥀”.

Harrison Boon

If you haven’t heard, Harrison Boon has well and truly moved on from his on-screen wife Bronte Schofield. In fact, he’s got a new boo, Gina Ha, and they seem to be pretty loved up.

Harrison made up for lost time by posting a bunch of pics he captioned “life lately ☺️” and tagging his GF, who features in almost every pic.

Janelle Han

Janelle Han also went with the IG carousel route. She posted a bunch of happy snaps from various influencer events with her co-stars and some other MAFS alums including Al Perkins, Josh Millar, Olivia Fraser, and Hayley Vernon.

She captioned her post “Beauty and the (I don’t need to) Beast 🌹 Few snaps of what I’ve been up to lately ~”.

Lyndall Grace

It seems like Lyndall Grace has celebrated her new-found Insta freedom by throwing a cowboy-themed party. Or, at least, posting pics about it.

It’s nice to see showcasing her life outside of MAFS, but also that her friendship with Jesse Burford is still going strong.

She captioned the post “If she wants a cowboy, I’ll cowboy the best 🤠✨”.

Yeehaw, indeed!

Ollie Skelton

Dream boy of the season, Ollie Skelton, decided to toast his time on the show by posting a bunch of pap pics taken by The Daily Mail’s senior showbiz reporter Ali Daher who is so intertwined with the contestant that he’s basically a MAFS star.

He captioned it “Thanks for the mems” and tagged Ali’s Insta.

Rupert Bugden

Sweet pea Rupert Bugden came back to IG with a pretty blue tick next to his name and it seems like he’s pretty damn stoked about it. Like many of his costars, Rups shared a bunch of pics from the last few months.

“Got some tick and that’s what life’s all about hey 🤠” he wrote.

I mean, absolutely not but go off, king.

I have such a soft spot for this man. He’s like a golden retriever in human form.

Sandy Jawanda

Sandy Jawanda used her first post back to shout out the other MAFS gals and her normie friends who supported her throughout her dumpster fire of a relationship with Dan Hunjas.

“These are the women that helped get me through my darkest and toughest time. I respect and adore each of these queens. They were there for me when I was at my lowest,” she wrote.

“Surround yourself with people that lift you up and cheer for you. These are my people and I am so thankful for them 🙏. I am blessed with an amazing family, but friends are the family we choose 🤗.

“If you have been through or are going through a difficult experience, please reach out for help. Seeking professional guidance will give you the tools and strategies to cope. It’s the best thing I did for myself, and it will now help me in all aspects of my life moving forward ❤️.”

Aw. This may be cheesy but there’s nothing I love more than gals supporting gals.

Tahnee Cook

Tahnee Cook decided to keep her first official post simple by posting one happy snap with her MAFS beau Ollie Skelton.

She captioned it “my love🤍”.

Very cute, no?

(Image Credit: Instagram / Tahnee Cook @itstahnee)

Evelyn and Duncan may be the shiny new couple on the block but these two gave the few MAFS fans who are watching for love, and not the drama, exactly what they were craving. I’m so happy that they’re still going strong.

Well, there you have it. While this is all the posts so far and most of them err on the wholesome side, keep an eye out because I’d bet my first born child that some tea is bound to come out in the next few weeks.