‘MAFS’ Fans Are Shitting On The Experts After Tonight’s Ines & Bronson Mess


Tonight’s Married At First Sight episode in a nutshell: Bronson said Ines acts like a c-bomb and the experts called him out on it. Sure, this is not a great word but Ines has been nothing but vile to Bronson this entire time. In fact, she was pretty shitty to him tonight but the experts didn’t say a word.

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From the moment Ines sat her anus on the couch for tonight’s commitment ceremony – toxic, toxic, toxic. From shitting on Bronson’s eyebrow ring, to general insults, to saying aloud: “I have no respect for Bronson, why would I stay?” She was back on her toxic bullshit.

Some more quality Ines one-liners:

  • “I don’t want to fucking touch him.”
  • “I wanted to fall in love but not with… that.” *points to Bronson*
  • “I don’t want him in the same room as me.”

How lovely!!!

BUT BACK TO THE USE OF THE C-BOMB, the experts weren’t at all amused by Bronson’s language and warned him that if he ever wants to find love, he should never use that word ever again.

Yes, Bronson got told off for his language.

MEANWHILE, on Twitter:






Not to bloody mention, Bronson – who believes he has seen some of Ines’ good side – chose to STAY for another goddamn week in this hellhole of a reality television show. How much is Nine paying you Bronson, HOW MUCH!?

It doesn’t even matter that Ines had chosen to leave the show, Bronson’s decision means we’ll all be watching their shitshow of a relationship for – at least – another week before proceeding to stab a fork in one’s eyeball.

Anyway, Ines and Bronson will now undergo counselling to learn that “respect is a two way street” because counselling will fix this dumpster fire.

In conclusion: