The First MAFS Trailer For 2021 Is Here & Let’s Hope There’s As Much Drama As The Last Season

The first MAFS trailer for 2021 is here, I repeat the first MAFS trailer for 2021 is here.

After the utter chaos that was this years season of Married of First Sight, season eight looks like it will follow in its predecessors footsteps. So, bring on the drama.

It opens with the narration of one of the experts: “All of you are here to find love. This is the real thing. You have to give it everything.”

Following that introduction, you can see the backs of some of the contestants heads, as they eagerly await to see who they will be forced to marry.

The MAFS trailer only goes for 45 seconds, but it’s enough to stir-up a fire in my loins. It’s pretty hush-hush so far, but I’m sure we will get to experience a few more little golden nuggets of content in the coming weeks.

But whatever those nuggets are, nothing will ever top that infamous trailer where Deano (Dean Wells) said: “I wanna be the alpha male, and she needs to respect me as a man. I think that’s a traditional role that still exists in a lot of other countries, in the world, and Australia’s lost that.” Yikes.

If for some reason, the backs of people’s heads isn’t enough to quench your MAFS thirst. The Wash have leaked a bunch of pap pics of the contestants, and some of them look quite loved up…while others not so much.

Another little clue we’ve been provided about the new season, is that one of the brides is the vocalist and keyboardist for a metalcore band, Booka Nile.

This woman looks like a boss-bitch, which is exactly what we need right now. My heart literally rips in half every time a commitment-phobe messes a lovely lady around. Connie and Jonethen anyone?

So there we have it, MAFS is back and I can’t wait.