We’re now well into the turbulent rollercoaster otherwise known as MAFS 2020. This episode featured Stacey getting fucking mad, Ivan always being on his phone and an overly-hyped kiss between Jonethen and Connie that ended in Jonethen literally consuming Connie’s entire face. Check out the full episode recap here.

A couple of major moments stood out for me. Firstly, and this may be a controversial opinion to some, but Mishel is iconic. Her chucking a tanty on the slopes – kicking the snow and calling the boots “hideous” – literally reminded me of the time I went to Mount Buller with my family, chucked a similar tanty, refused to ski and forced Dad to toboggan with my tudey 8-year-old self for the rest of the trip. (He loved it though.) Also, when Mishel told Steve to just shut up and said “can we just not talk?”,  I felt that on a deep level.

Secondly, Steve’s claim that his atrocious cargo pants are worth $300 (or $400 or $500, depending on his claims) is utter bullshit.

On that note, let’s dive into some of the most iconic reactions to this episode of MAFS. I simply couldn’t start the round-up with anyone else other than Stacey.

Twitter users, being the kind and caring people they are, then offered Aleks some advice about how she should get rid of Ivan’s phone.

OKAY, THE MAIN EVENT. Steve, there is genuinely no way that these pants are $400, unless Jesus Christ himself wore them. Even then, there’s no way Jesus would be caught crucified in that pair of cargo pants.

Then there was the overly-hyped kiss between Jonethen and Connie.

A happy ending. I know they haven’t known each other for that long, but it still makes me giggle that we’re celebrating the fact that a pair of newlyweds have had their first kiss on a honeymoon.

May there be plenty more face-engulfing to come. Onto the next episode.

Image: Channel 9