‘MAFS’ Twitter Reeling After Steve, A Lover Of 30-Yr-Olds, Denies Being A Lover Of 30-Yr-Olds

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The MAFS finish line is now in plain sight, but not without a turbulent flight of emotions pervading from the screen. Us gossip-hungry viewers were suckling at the teat of drama.

Couples came face-to-face with their audition tapes, in which Connie confronted a lonely past self (and it shattered our hearts), Stacey admitted to once cheating in retaliation, Mishel talked about the importance of sex and Steve disclosed he wanted – you guessed it – a 30-something year-old wife. (Sorry, but HAHHAHAHAHAHHA)

That dreaded honesty box then opened up a clusterfuck of fiery questions, accusations and confessions for the last MAFS dinner party. Lizzie said wasn’t falling in love with Seb, the whole ‘KC being materialistic’ conversation came up again and Steve was inevitably grilled for admitting he wanted – you guessed it – a 30-something year-old wife. (Sorry, again, but HAHHAHAHAHAHHA)

Anyway, that’s just the TL;DR version – head on over to our full episode recap here.

Anyhoo, MAFS Twitter has always been the best part of MAFS, and tonight was certainly no different.

Let’s dive in.


The entire internet when Lizzie said she wasn’t falling in love with Seb.

Part 1:

Part 2:


I can’t believe dinner parties are now over. I’m so proud of us for surviving this emotional war zone.