After the shocking altercation between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco on last night’s episode of MAFS, Ella Ding revealed that she noticed “two sides” to Olivia’s persona as early on as the hen’s night.

ICYMI: On Tuesday night’s ep of Married at First Sight, Olivia picked on Domenica for her “loud” and “annoying” voice at the couple’s retreat. This slight on Domenica’s character upset her so much that she smashed a glass on the table and shortly after stormed off crying.

At first the fellow couples were shocked at Dom’s reaction, but after appearing genuinely remorseful and embarrassed, the others were able to put the incident to bed. But now, the conversation on social media has turned to Olivia and how she tried to illicit that reaction and her cruel behaviour towards Dom following the glass-breaking drama.

Ella was right next to bestie Dom during the intense argument. In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, she said there was more that went out during that night that we “didn’t get to see”. We all also didn’t get to see the terrifying look on “Olivia’s face” during the heated argument.

“The cameras didn’t actually capture what I was seeing, because I was right next to Domenica so I was basically in her shoes seeing exactly what she was seeing,” Ella told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It was astonishing to see how different [Olivia’s face] was. Like, her pupils had dilated, her eyes were black and I was more just like, wow.

“It was very uncomfortable to witness and I was in pure shock. The fact that she was popping off didn’t come as a surprise, but just the facial expressions, the attitude, the spitefulness and the switch of character was truly amazing. I mean, she’s got two different characters in her.”

Ella Ding said that last night wasn’t even the first time she had observed an apparent shift in Olivia’s innocent persona.

“The first time I met Olivia at the hen’s night I did say, face value she is beautiful, she is lovely, she gives off this really caring nature, but there’s just something else to Olivia,” Ella said.

“There were moments throughout the experiment where I realised there is another side to this woman. I thought, I’m unsure how different it is to what we see a lot of the time but it’s definitely something else, and it’s only a matter of time until it’s shown.

“And that’s what happens with everybody in the experiment. Your mask comes down, the pressure builds up, people get overwhelmed and you’re in this controlled environment where it’s going to pop off.”

The MAFS drama continues tonight at 7pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.