You Can Buy An Incredibly Juicy MAFS Drinking Game If Yr Too Impatient To Wait For Season 2021

The man behind meme accounts @mafsfunny and @bachiefunny, and arguably the hardest working person in reality TV (apart from Osher Günsberg) has made his very own drinking game, and it looks so incredibly juicy.

The game is called Shots & Scandals and in the deck are 28 cards, 28 scandals and 28 opportunities. Half the cards involve drinking if you’ve done something on the card, while the other half relate to scandals surrounding reality show D-list celebs.

The game tests whether you have what it takes to become a reality-show celebrity, so if you’re willing to put your dignity on the line, you may end up winning (and by winning, I mean not absolutely smashed).

Peep this cute little introduction of the game from its creator, Josh.

The first release of the game sold out two weeks ago, but our boy has re-stocked the game and I am way too eager to buy it.

Josh even managed to get MAFS contestant and comment section fiend Nasser Sultan to promo the game by re-enacting his infamous blue tick scandal.

If you aren’t familiar with the genius behind these massive meme accounts, you need to be, because Josh does it better than anyone else. @mafsfunny currently has 72.6k followers, with @bachiefunny not far behind at 56.2k. It’s not as much as the big reality star themselves, but it’s still pretty close. At least he has more than Bach runner-up Adrian ‘steampunk’ Baena.

Earlier this year, Josh did an admin reveal and we found out the bizarre way he discovered all the juiciest Married at First Sight goss. Basically with some stroke of luck, all the MAFS cast (from season seven) moved in across from his office, and he witnessed which couples lasted (spoiler: pretty much none).

The man is quite literally doing god’s work, and unlike other social media accounts, his only source of profit is from this game.

Shots & Scandals is $15.99 AUD, and you can purchase it here.