Judy Get Your Gavel, MAFS’ Domenica Is ‘Seeking Legal Advice’ After That Fkd Photo Leak

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As the nude photo scandal continues to play out on Married At First Sight (MAFS), so do the real-life implications. Despite the messy drama between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco occurring one year ago, it seems things may escalate beyond what we see on screen.

In case you missed it, on recent episodes of MAFS Olivia claimed that she found nude pictures of Domenica online and shared them amongst the cast. Many viewers have called the instance revenge porn while others have settled on simply calling Liv out for unethical behaviour.

Keep in mind, we can only comment on what we were shown on MAFS  which we concede may not be the whole story — and acknowledge that we do not have all the facts here.

Domenica has reportedly told two separate sources that now the issue has blown up on screen, she will be seeking “legal advice”.

“I have consulted legal advice and that’s all I can say about that right now,” she told Who Magazine.

She went into more depth in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, however.

“Yes, I have gotten (sic) legal advice and I’m taking that advice and I’ll pursue that as necessary,” she said.

“I think people seem to forget that we’ve actually had a really big overhaul of [online safety] laws here in New South Wales in the last year, and yeah, that’s all I can say.”

She also made comment on the Change.org petition made by MAFS viewers which demanded the E-Safety Commissioner “commence action against Olivia Frazer for image-based abuse.”

“I feel like a lot of people are seeing this for what it is and I’m really grateful for that,” said Domenica.

“I’ve seen the petition and it’s just gone gangbusters. It’s incredible and it definitely gives me faith in humanity, to be honest, because the last few weeks of the experiment were really tough.”

The petition currently has more than 86K signatures.

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It’s gained so much traction online that even the eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant has responded to tags and call outs.

“Please note this in relation to your petition,” she wrote on Twitter.

“We can only investigate matters reported by the person affected or their nominated representative.”