MAFS Fans Were Streaming ‘Don’t Speak’ After Dom Cast Doubt On A Long-Term Future With Jack

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MAFS fans were completely blindsided by Domenica’s honest answer to whether she saw a long-term future with Jack in Sunday night’s episode. Guess I’ll save that fan cam in the drafts, huh?

The five remaining couples reunited for a final dinner party in Sunday night’s episode. That included Dom and Jack, Olivia and Jackson, Selina and Cody, Ella and Mitch and for some reason Tamara and Brent.

MAFS experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla walked into the room halfway into the dinner. They told the couples they had to ask difficult questions from a box to their spouses and speak from the heart.

Jack asked Dom whether she saw longevity in their relationship. Dom sat there for a bit and thought.

Viewers were already uncomfortable with that moment. It felt strange to see a sense of doubt in what we’ve come to see be the power couple of the season.

Dom said she didn’t think she could see a long-term future with Jack. She said she struggled to open her heart to someone new after her divorce from her first marriage.

She then said she always had doubts about her and Jack. But she clarified that was because they were strangers before the experiment. It had nothing to do with Jack or how he had treated her in their relationship.

Fans were absolutely divided by Dom’s words. Some were crying, shaking and throwing up. They saw this as a tell-tale sign the pair don’t make it past the final vows this week.

“But seriously who else don’t expect Dom to answer Jack’s question like that,” said one viewer.

But others praised Dom for being so honest and genuine.

“You have to remember Dom and Jack have only been together [for] six weeks,” said one fan.

“It feels like a lifetime but her answer does at least make final vows a little less predictable.

“Although we know they’re together. Honesty isn’t always pleasant but it’s right.”

“Dom and Jack are still the most legit couple here,” another fan added.

“They’re not perfect but they’re honest. And that’s more admirable than the fake bullshit these other ones are putting out.”

Nakkiah Lui said in a now-deleted tweet that the honesty Dom and Jack have with each other was “really special in any kind of relationship”. Even when the truth isn’t great to hear.

Another fan felt the drama at this moment was forced. They argued that there was nothing wrong with Dom’s answer.

“Dynamics become completely different when you come out of these circumstances. We’ve seen it so many times where it looks great until they leave,” they said.

Another noted that if Dom and Jack don’t stay together after the show, that doesn’t mean they weren’t genuine. People break up. Shit happens!

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