The ‘Married At First Sight’ Beef That Was Cut From Last Night’s Episode

Last night’s shit show of a Married At First Sight (MAFS) reunion delivered in its promise of bringing the drama, namely via the big wine-dumping barney but it turns out there was another big fight that we never got to see and we demand immediate answers.

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According to Daily Mail Australia, Tamara Joy confronted Jessika Power and Daniel Webb over their infamous affair during the reunion but the scene was ultimately edited out because it wasn’t as spicy as the producers had initially hoped.

“Producers had high hopes for a huge clash, but in reality, they got the complete opposite,” an insider told the media outlet.

“Tamara did approach Jess and Dan to discuss their affair with some anger and resentment, but after a couple of minutes she forgave them and wished them well.”

“She said she didn’t want any hostility and was happy to see them happy. Her main issue was that they didn’t tell her about the affair earlier, which they apologised for.”

The insider adds that the scene may have been stripped from the episode because it made Jess look like a hero rather than a villain as she was more “apologetic” than the drama-loving producers would have liked.

“She was really apologetic which didn’t match the “villain” edit Tara [McWilliams, MAFS’ executive producer] wanted for her,” the source added.

Here’s hoping there’s more drama to come in tonight’s bombshell of a finale.