Folks, it appears Married At First Sight hottie Chris Jensen is already off the market, after he upped and left the reality TV show during Monday night’s episode.

Since I am saving my last three brain cells to deal with whatever The Bachelor franchise throws at us this year, I haven’t been watching MAFS. Thankfully, I have PEDESTRIAN’s gorgeous recaps from our recap legend, Sam George-Allen.

Chris was an intruder on this season, who was paired up with Jaimie Gardner. According to Sam’s expert analysis, Jaimie is an “enormous fucking snob”. Sounds lovely!

You can check out Sam’s recap here, by the way. Do it. 

Chris, meanwhile, is very sexy and had “been genuine and vulnerable” towards Jaimie during their time on the show.

I just stalked Chris on Instagram and yeah, woof, hot bloke that one.

ANYHOO, Chris ended up leaving the show because he was just sick of Jaimie treating him like shit. There was no chemistry there, it was a complete mismatch. Plus, Jaimie kept picking on the way Chris spoke, his appearance, and his education. None of that, please.

I have very little experience with MAFS, but I didn’t think you could just walk away from the show? Like even when you’re given the choice, the ~ experts ~ (the producers) somehow convince you to stay.

If that’s the case, then bloody well done to Chris. Plus, if the pictures are to be believed, it looks like he’s already moved on.

Goss podcast So Dramatic! published pictures of Chris picking up a mystery blonde woman from the Gold Coast airport on Monday night.

They were snapped holding hands and looking cute as hell.

“The Drama Army member, who spotted him sent in these cute pics of them holding hands, also said she overheard him tell her he loved her!

“The onlooker said: ‘She got off my flight from Melbourne and he greeted her at the airport and when they were walking in front of me, he asked her if she loved him and she said yes and nodded’.”

Someone sounds bloody SMITTEN, if you ask me. It also looks like he’s grown out his hair a bit.

Interestingly, some people don’t reckon the man in the picture is Chris. In response to one of these comments, So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto said she thought the same thing at first, but that she checked his tattoos to confirm.

You’ve got to admire the commitment.

By the way, So Dramatic! has already identified Chris’ apparent girlfriend as Byron Bay yoga teacher Paige Christie.

So that’s that, I guess!

Married At First Sight continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 9.

Image: Married At First Sight