MAFS star Chris Jensen has finally spoken out since news broke last week that he was reportedly arrested for alleged drug trafficking just before the show began. Jensen was able to film the show due to being on Supreme Court Bail.

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for this year’s MAFS cast, especially for fan fave Chris Jensen, who is currently facing one count of alleged trafficking of dangerous drugs – serious organised crime.

Since news of Jensen being on Supreme Court Bail emerged last week, the reality star has remained relatively quiet on the socials, but has now broken his silence with an Instagram post that seems to address his gratitude towards fans who are still loyal to him.

“I am not perfect, I am not trying to be however, I will always be real,” Jensen wrote on an Instagram post.

“I am human. If my heart is in the right place and I try my best then I am okay with this.”

“I am a son, I am a brother, I am a father, I am an uncle, I am a friend,” he continued.

“I take a great deal of pride in being all of these roles. Thank you to each of you who have accepted and supported me for ME. I appreciate it. I hope you each are appreciated too for who you are and being the real you.”

Posts before this were relatively simple in caption, with one being “day for it” and another being “more than just words.” However, the latter post also featured a poem about how the past “can’t hold on” and how he shall “forever live in the darkness”, so it seems Jensen is trying to tell us something about how he has moved on, and admits to his mistakes… I guess.

Please click on the next Instagram pic to see the wild poem (which it looks like Jensen himself wrote).

Jensen’s charge of trafficking dangerous drugs – serious organised crime will appear before the Brisbane Supreme Court on April 23.

He also faces single charges of possessing dangerous drugs and two counts of possessing property suspected of being proceeds of an offence under the Drugs Misuse Act.

MAFS has not yet addressed the charges, and it might be some time until Jensen does as well without beating around the bush.