Ever since word got out that there will be a cheating scandal on this season of Married At First Sight, despite the girl code pact, I’ve been on red alert for clues as to which contestants will do the dirty.

And it looks like the gossip gurus at Daily Mail Australia have found some damning evidence.

A recently resurfaced teaser from last year shows Cathy Evans, who’s partnered up with Josh Pihlak, and Jonethen Musulin, who is with Connie Crayden, going in for a smooch.

An Old ‘MAFS’ Teaser Shows Cathy Sucking Face With Jonethen, Which Is A Wild Turn Of Events


Interestingly, Cathy was the contestant who blew the whistle on the forthcoming cheating scandal just last week.

The newlywed appeared on Stav, Abby and Matt on hit105 where she admitted that their deal has already been busted up.

“Look, I’m going to vouch for it that the girl code was broken, definitely,” she said. “And that’s where drama followed, obviously.”

But she didn’t say ~who~ broke the code.

Granted, it’s possible the producers put random contestants together for the promos so as not to spoil the season.

Either that, or it was a sneaky hint at drama to come.

You’ll remember Poppy Jennings originally making the arrangement, raising a glass of champagne in the air as she shouted:

“Let’s do a toast that no one’s going to bang each other’s husbands! To not banging husbands or wives!”

During the interview, Cathy was also asked about a two week break that producers took from filming.

“Why was there that two week break in filming? We know the executive producer came out and said the show did stop?” the host asked.

“Everyone didn’t have a lot of respect for each other, or for the whole process,” Cathy responded.

“Rules were being broken. For some of these people who were on there, they just weren’t able to take it on board.”

She added, “Small things like curfews, following the process of the way the show works. You need to talk about your relationship, and some people weren’t able to go ahead and do that.”

Image: Nine