A Perth Nightclub Shared A Pic Of MAFS’ Cameron Hooning With Jesse To Prove He Flat-Out Lied

When we first tuned into Married At First Sight 2023, Lyndall Grace and Cameron Woods were a beacon of hope. They were cute and smitten and actually seemed like a really good pairing. But as the weeks have progressed and my attention span has waned, their relationship begin to disintegrate.

It seemed to be due to their incompatible lifestyles with Cam working in remote locations in Darwin, and Lyndall living in Perth. But now, very observant MAFS fans have found proof that maybe Cam was exaggerating a tad about his off-grid lifestyle.

According to PerthNow, a bar called The Court posted a cheeky pic of Cam enjoying a night out with fellow MAFS groom Jesse Burford. Instantly, the pic was clocked by dedicated MAFS fans on social media.

And apparently, seeing Cam in a club –  and not in a remote location – seemed to irk quite a few of ’em.

“I thought he had to go away for like six months,” one user wrote.

“Must have got a week off from his year of remote work,” another quipped.

“Didn’t know Perth was a remote place now,” a user joked.

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In case you missed why this is actually a big deal, Cam told Lyndall that she shouldn’t ditch her life and move to his hometown of Darwin for him because he’d be living remotely with no phone reception for six to 12 months at a time.

He also admitted that he wouldn’t be open to moving to Perth despite saying he was willing to move for love when he joined the experiment.

“I told her, ‘What’s the point of moving from Perth when I’m not going to be in Darwin? I’m going to be remote’,” he said at the dinner party.

What’s a fish-kissing gal to do?

Look, I’m not one to blame the bloke for having a few bevvies with mates. He probably had a few days off or chucked a sickie. Who knows?

But I reckon the reason this little indiscretion is getting under the skin of MAFS fans is that instead of being upfront with Lyndall about the non-existent future of their relationship, he keeps tiptoeing around the issue by making excuses and no effort to compromise.

You’ve got to admit, that’s a bit shitty.

I hope one day Cam will reel in a catch that will appreciate his rod (collection) and Lyndall will find someone who doesn’t consider a pat on the shoulder appropriate affection for a spouse. But until then, there’s not long to go until final vows and I can’t wait to see what Lyndall has to say to Cam.

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