Pics Of MAFS Pelican Bryce Shopping For An Engagement Ring Were Published & I Ain’t Buying It

Bryce Ruthven is officially in damage control and is posing for staged AF paparazzi pics where he appears to be buying an engagement ring for MAFS wife, Melissa Rawson.

ICYMI: Bryce sucks. He really, really sucks. From gaslighting Melissa every episode of MAFS to allegedly having a secret girlfriend while filming the show, he has proved time and time again he SUCKS. So understandably, the man is in damage control and is now trying to salvage his shitty reputation by pretending he’s going to pop the big question to Melissa.

The pics were published in the Daily Mail and I think the dead giveaway with these is that Bryce looks somewhat presentable for once. Usually he’s sporting a red face and a furrowed brow. However, in these pics he’s smiling and looks happy that the paps are following him. Very sus, if you ask me.

In the photos published by the Daily Mail, Bryce was seen strolling around Melbourne on Thursday, and at one point was seen chatting to a jeweller for several minutes about a particular diamond ring. He was also spotted with a bunch of flowers, laughing at literally nothing. WHICH SCREAMS STAGED TO ME.

The flowers COULD be for his secret girlfriend and not Melissa. So if that’s the case, Bryce will look like even more of a knob head (if that’s even possible). BUT from all the goss that has been circulating about the fate of Bryce and Melissa, it’s quite clear that the pair stay together post-MAFS.

Tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic! has leaked who stays together after the final vows and unfortunately big-baby Bryce and Melissa stay as a couple. They have also been spotted at a number of locations around Melbourne, like the rugby and footy.

To make matters worse, they’ve also been telling journos that they are stronger than ever. Speaking on the Kyle & Jackie O show, Bryce and Melissa even said they were interested in starting a family together. NOOOO.

“That’s the plan,” Bryce Ruthven told Kyle & Jackie O when asked about starting a family.

I really hope that these pics are a publicity stunt and Australia’s most annoying man doesn’t get on one knee and propose to Liss. You can do so much better girl. Literally anyone else would be a better husband than this man.