Married At First Sight flog Bryce Ruthven was photographed getting into a punch-up and no, it wasn’t on MAFS, it was on a soccer field over the weekend (proving that he’s an absolute jackass IRL as well).

Pop culture site The Wash published pap pics showing Bryce and some other bloke really going at it on a soccer field in Melbourne.

The publication reports that Bryce plays for the Somerville Eagles Soccer Club, which he joined earlier this year after moving to Somerville, the hometown of his MAFS missus Melissa Rawson.

The pap who captured the cooked images told the site that Bryce “chucked the first punch after the two teams clashed on the field.”

Head here to check out the wild-ass pics.

Also, soz for the mad spoiler that Bryce and Melissa end up together on MAFS, but if you were following along from home, you’d have known this already. Plus, based on the tea we recently copped, it’s no real victory at all.

A bunch of sneaky sources wrote in to the So Dramatic! podcast, including an anonymous MAFS contestant, and host Megan Pustetto has revealed which couples are donezo and which are still together.

Apparently Bryce divulged to a local hairdresser who tizzed his ‘do that he’s staying in town with his MAFS bae.

Another listener spotted Bryce playing soccer in Somerville and sent the piccies in to So Dramatic!


According to the podcast, Bryce has been telling his mates that he’s only staying with Melissa for damage control ‘cos he comes off as such an asshole on the show.

Meanwhile an anonymous contestant wrote in to the poddy, confirming hat Bryce is just staying with Melissa to keep the fame gig going, to repair his image, and to live rent-free. Bloody hell.

But wait, it gets worse. Apparently Bryce had a secret girlfriend during filming MAFS. According to an insider, not only were they in contact during filming, but they were also chatting when the series wrapped. Apparently Bryce got with her while he was still dating is ex-fiance, Lana. Yikes.

Head here for the status of the other MAFS contestants, if you fancy a spoiler or two.