Bryce From MAFS Had A Radio Interview Ambushed By A Former Hook-Up Who Accused Him Of Cheating

Bryce from MAFS

The layers of MAFS star Bryce Ruthven‘s love life keep getting deeper and more convoluted. During his interview with Kyle & Jackie O on Thursday morning, a former hook-up of his rang up the station to allege that he might have just cheated on his former fiancée.

Bryce had just finished up chatting about *that* horrendous answer he gave to Melissa Rawson during their little honesty box sesh. “I am absolutely horrified looking back at that,” he said.

Then, suddenly, oldmates Crystal & Brady from Townsville ratio station Star 106.3 got on the blower with some smoking hot goss.

“I had sex with Bryce,” Crystal announced.

It turns out that back in 2017, Bryce and Crystal had hooked up at the 2017 Australian Commercial Radio Awards in Melbourne. Keep in mind, Bryce had just broken up with his partner of five years only six months before MAFS started filming.

“I watched the show and I feel really bad for his girlfriend,” Crystal said.

“On the show he said they had been together for five years and I’m like, ‘Well OK, 2017, that’s within the five bloody years, isn’t it?’”

Kyle & Jackie O asked if he would remember her, to which Crystal said yes.

“I definitely think he would, he still gives some of my photos a like, I really should block him, to be honest,” she said.

That’s when the KIIS FM hosts decided to quickly ring up Bryce again to get his side of the story.

Things kicked off about as awkwardly as you’d expect. Byrce was on air to two different radio stations talking about how he may or may not have cheated on his former fiancée with one of the hosts.

“I think if everyone knew the true story behind what happened in the relationship with my ex, it would answer a lot of questions,” he said without elaborating too much.

He told Crystal his relationship at the time was pretty on-and-off. “Don’t feel bad,” he said.

Earlier in his original interview, he did state to Kyle & Jackie O that “there’s no one else apart from Melissa” who he banged on MAFS, so if he’s true to his word, we shouldn’t expect any more of these scandals anytime soon.

“You’re going to love her as much as I hopefully do at the end of the series,” he said, which might just have been a tiny little spoiler.

Crystal seemed pretty satisfied with his vague explanation, but told him to get his story straight in future.

“Maybe next time you’re on MAFS just say ‘five years with breaks’, so we’re all clear.”