In the never ending drama surrounding MAFS’ Bryce Ruthven, it looks like a huge spoiler has revealed whether the radio host and Melissa Rawson are still together.

If you don’t want spoilers, look away. If you do, come-hither readers.

According to The Wash, Bryce was papped down in Somerville, just off the Morning Peninsula (aka also where Melissa lives).

On Tuesday Bryce was first spotted at a barbershop, then training at the Somerville Eagles Soccer Club, and finally at Somerville Subway. Which according to The Wash are all fair enough grounds to assume he lives there.

And yes Melissa definitely lives in Somerville, because last year she shared an Instagram post congratulating herself for purchasing her first home in the southeast burb.

If this is all true, then this backs the theory that Bryce is remaining with Melissa as a form of “damage control” and “positive PR” after his icky behaviour on MAFS.

According to So Dramatic!‘s spies on the MAFS set, some of the contestants on the show discovered that Bryce has a secret girlfriend. The woman named Courtney is said to have started dating Bryce Ruthven just after he split for his ex-fiancée Lana Bongioletti.

Again this is all speculation, but according to a source the radio host gets confronted about the rumour at a dinner party.

“He denies the whole thing. He even convinces the girlfriend back home to text Melissa and lie to her saying that they never dated and that none of these rumours were true,” the source told So Dramatic podcast host Megan Pustetto.

“Then at the dinner party, they call Cameron, who had already left the show by this stage, asking him to tell them the full story about the secret girlfriend because they needed confirmation,” the source said. “Bryce covers up the whole thing.”

But let’s just hope these rumours are false, and the pair have stayed together due to true love. Because I don’t have much faith in humanity left.