There’s some wild tea banging about this morn about MAFS bride Beck Zemek, so boil the fucken’ kettle, mates.

Goss site The Wash reports that apparently Beck tried to bail on filming MAFS midway through after finding out that her poor dog had become sick (fair, TBH). She was intent on returning to Perth to be with her dog, but according to insiders, she was talked out of it by producers

They eventually reached a compromise and she was ultimately allowed to take a lil break from filming to return home to see her ailing doggo, so long as she returns to Sydney to resume filming.

So off she went back home, then what happened? She got back with her ex while she was in Perth.

Several sources told the publication that while she was back home, she reunited with a bloke she used to date and apparently she wasn’t shy about keeping their rekindled romance a secret.

Before long, the entire MAFS cast knew she was back with her ex, including her hubby Jake.

Fuck this shit, I’m out. (Credit: MAFS)

The whole thing caused a fuck ton of drama, as it would, and Beck was “pretty upset” about all the chaos that ensued.

Screenshots shared by The Wash show that Beck’s Facebook relationship status changed to ‘In a Relationship’ in June 2020, just three months before her MAFS wedding to Jake, which was filmed in September. Maybe he’s the bloke she ran back to? Have a geeze at the screenshot here.

Dying for more details? Honestly, same, but I’ve got no more for you. But not to worry because apparently it’s all going to be a storyline on an upcoming ep of MAFS, so stay tuned, folks.

Again, I have no idea how Beck and her bloke end up, but to read the spicy tea about which of the other MAFS couples stay together and which ones call it quits, have a read of our investigation here.

A bunch of sneaky sources wrote in to the So Dramatic! podcast podcast, including an anonymous MAFS contestant, and host Megan Pustetto has revealed which couples are donezo and which are still together. It’s some v. v. v. spicy stuff.