The Internet Will Literally Riot If MAFS’ Producers Don’t Send Sweet Angel Caitlin Another Groom

MAFS Caitlin smiling to camera with tweet overlaid which reads: god i feel so awful for caitlin. she’s so beautiful and patient and deserves the world

Married At First Sight has singlehandedly proven tonight that the women on this show can get stuffed. Thank you, MAFS!

The evil experts made Shannon and Caitlin do the cursed ranking task, whereby contestants have to rank their fellow brides and grooms in order of attractiveness.

Surely, any normal human being would fang their partner at the top because that is the only acceptable way of completing such a task. Wrong! Because Shannon went gung ho analysing each bride’s physical attractiveness and saying shit like, “She’s someone you’d show off to your mates”. Because women are merely trophies to boast about, apparently.

The internet was … disgusted.

Shannon then felt the need to move Caitlin’s photo down the list because he obviously woke up and chose violence. Twitter was also ready to throw hands, but for different reasons.

He then told Caitlin he’s seen her without makeup (?), the other brides have more natural beauty (??), he’s going to have to “push through and put emotion first” (???) and he eats with his eyes (????).

The internet was (???????????). It was unprecedented, even for MAFS.

Twitter was begging him to shut up. For all that is good and holy in this godforsaken world, quit flapping your lip for five fucking seconds, brother.

To top things off, at end of the episode he told Caitlin that he’s still in love with his ex. The good people of Twitter didn’t realise he could get any worse but hey, that’s MAFS for you!

Caitlin, understandably, was devastated and literally asked the MAFS cameraman if it was OK if she cried.

It was so, so harrowing to see her distraught and it knocked the internet for six.

If you need me I’ll be sobbing along with the rest of the internet.

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