Married At First Sight (MAFS), Evelyn has saved this weeks episode and the entire couples retreat by absolutely going in on Bunnings Daddy (Harrison) and his on screen wife Bronte.

Evelyn has ripped Harrison at the couples retreat and the internet is absolutely loving it. The whole situation started because Harrison just wouldn’t shut the fuck up about butt-dial-gate as if we haven’t heard about it enough.

Twitter is absolutely loving this from Queen Evelyn, and it’s about time someone put Harrison AKA the undesexed chihuahua back in his place.

But Evelyn didn’t just go in on Harrison, also taking down his on screen wife Bronte in the process and someone’s gotta tell Bronte the truth.

Whilst this year’s couples retreat was both glassless and smashless (boo!), the Bronte/Harrison takedown by Evelyn was a welcome surprise.

Probably the strangest thing about this couples retreat tiff – aside from the lack of glass smashing – was that both Harrison and Evelyn were holding lipglosses for the duration of their argument, and is this some kind of very niche product placement or what?

Turns out, after all that, Harrison is just pissed off at Evelyn because she doesn’t give him enough attention and Jesus Christ can Harrison at least try to seem like less of a narcissist.

It all makes sense TBH.

Can’t wait to tune in tomorrow for another evening of Evelyn putting her co-stars right back in their places. A girl can dream, right?

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