MAFS Fans Are Confused Yet Delighted By Jesse’s Evolution From Dingus To Sweetheart

Photo of Jesse on MAFS smiling in a black jumper in front of red brick stairs with a tweet overlaid which reads: did not expect a jesse redemption arc yet here we are

Tonight MAFS brought us something none of us expected: a Jesse redemption arc.

A … Je-demption arc? The Jessainsance? Call it what you want but it was genuinely quite endearing and sweet to witness.

Basically, Claire announced she wanted to take Jesse to a crystal shop. Anyone familiar with Jesse and his absolutely ludicrous list of icks would know a visit to such an establishment would be his idea of hell.

The good people of Twitter were cautious but … intrigued.

But rather than throwing his toys out of the pram, Jesse was … patient? And actually a bit of a sweetheart?

I mean, the bar is on the floor and it’s obviously not that hard to support your partner’s interests even if they don’t float your boat. However, considering how negative, dismissive and combative Jesse has been throughout MAFS, folks on Twitter were glad to see he was putting in effort and actively trying to redeem himself.

One person also took the words out of my mouth when they asked whether the background music in the whole crystal shop segment was from The Sims, because it was giving Pleasantview muzak. I now have an unquenchable desire to torture some 2D people.

Things got even cuter when Jesse just willingly wrote a list of things he likes about Clare? Like the fact she’s naturally beautiful and kind and honest and a party-starter and she has a KEE-KEE-KEE laugh?

The hearts of people across Australia were melting. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

They even saged the room together! I am a tolerant, open-minded person but if someone I’d hooked up with made me do that as a bonding exercise I’d run for the damn hills but Jesse was going hammer and tong on that stick!

The internet is now kinda stanning the man and has hopes that he and Claire can continue on their cutie patootie lil’ journey together.

If I’m putting my practical hat on, Jesse did say he would try and come around to Claire’s interests at the wedding and we all know what happened after that (hint: it wasn’t good).

But we can still be hopeful, no? He was sweet in Monday night’s episode when he extended the olive branch to Adam and Janelle and he didn’t shit on Claire’s interests in crystals and sage tonight? Je suis cautiously coming around.

Obviously, a lot of other shit happened tonight on MAFS, such as Shannon being astronomically cunty to Caitlin. You can read our gorgy recap here and then join us in slashing Shannon’s tyres. Yay!

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