A Syd Gym Posted Then Deleted A Vid Bc People Revealed A PT’s Real Identity: Andrew From MAFS

mafs andrew james

MAFS contestant Andrew Davis vanished from the face of the digital Earth when he stormed off the reality TV show set. But he’s reportedly reappeared from the Texan depths where he came with a new identity: James. Just James, no Bond.

Local celeb spotters at The Wash revealed on Monday the master of disguise was working as a club manager at a Snap Fitness gym in Sydney. But he was reportedly listed on the gym’s website under his new name.

“James has been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, gym owner, personal training manager and equipment dealer for the last 22 years,” his bio read next to a photo of Andrew Davis from MAFS.

The gym reportedly posted then swiftly deleted a video on Insta featuring the MAFS star. But fortunately The Wash shared the clip below.

It was a pretty harmless clip of “James” telling locals about special PT sessions at the gym that night. The gym reportedly took it down because people were commenting on James’ former identity.

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Honestly, I kinda feel bad for the guy? Yes, he acted absolutely appalling towards his on-screen bride Holly Greenstein and claimed he slept with 350 women when he couldn’t even keep up a convo with one (1).

But it seems like the guy genuinely went on to find a partner but he and Holly weren’t a good match. So instead it appears he’s trying to just live his life and not be a reality TV star.

Davis went radio silent on socials and didn’t make a single appearance on TV since he stormed off the MAFS set. Of course that didn’t stop someone from listing him on Facebook Marketplace for *checks notes* zero dollarydoos.

Andrew dragged the show and his ex-wife Holly in a spicy interview with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa literally nobody asked for in February. He said he “100 per cent” regretted going on MAFS and “absolutely” hadn’t seen Holly since the show.