‘MAFS’ Amanda Will Straight Up Fight Anyone Who Disrespects Her Cats & Honestly, Same

mafs amanda cats

We’re back at it again with part two of the MAFS reunion episode and holy shit it’s spicy.

Stacey and Hayley’s fight heated up, which is exactly the drama I needed to get through a Monday night of isolation.

In a strange turn of events, Lizzie chimed in to protect Stacey (and her kids), making an even bigger scene that there already was.

I’m not sure where this side of Lizzie came from (on account of not having seen last season), but holy shit, I love this spicy energy.

But somehow, Lizzie’s inner demon wasn’t the talking point online after this catfight.


Any guesses?

It was Amanda and her love for her IRL pet cat.

For context, after some comments were made about Stacey’s kids, Amanda chimed in to say that although she doesn’t have kids, she’d lose her mind if someone disrespected her cats. Honestly, Amanda is proving to be a whole mood.


What an absolute whirlwind. I never thought I’d end up relating to Amanda on such a deep, spiritual level.

Now that we’re in self-isolation, Twitter seemed to relate to Amanda and her love of cats more than ever.


A truly relatable queen.


Who needs love when you can have cats? Lots and lots of cats.

Honestly, she should’ve spoken about her cats sooner. This is the reason I love her. All hail our cat queen.

If you told me a comment about Amanda’s love of cats would be the highlight of the season, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are, and Amanda’s cats are a fucking Monday night mood.