MAFS’ Domenica Slammed The ‘Ridiculous’ Rumour Being Spread About Her In A Spicy New Interview

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

During last night’s batshit episode of MAFS, controversial bride Domenica Calarco tossed her wine glass in a bitter row with rival Olivia Frazer.

However, in a previous interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Domenica said she was furious about rumours circulating that implied she glassed someone.

“When it comes to those rumours, I’m going to lay down the line right now: I have never and I would never glass someone,” she said.

“That is just a complete fabrication, a lie, and it’s ridiculous. I’m going to just categorically say that that is completely and utterly false.”

To be fair, she didn’t actually glass *someone*, per se, she just launched her glass at the table, sending shards of glass into the air.

She added that the reports are “the most hurtful thing” she has read so far during her time on MAFS.

“I would never and have never, and it’s just ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I can use my words over that kind of thing,” she said. Hm, righto.

She went on to say that her fellow co-stars have no business blaming the edit for how they’re portrayed on-screen as she reckons everyone’s personalities “shone through perfectly.”

“I think coming into the experiment some people put up a facade, but that slowly kind of went down,” she explained

“Truly, I do think that everyone’s true selves come across on the show. We are all big personalities to an extent and that is the reason we’re in the experiment, to somewhat stir the pot.

“Really, if you’re not a nice person, it’s going to shine through. They can’t make you into a not nice person.”

She added that people who blame the edit are not “emotionally intelligent enough to actually understand that the reason that maybe they think they’re coming across wrong is probably more to do with context than anything.”

Which is hilarious considering in a spicy new interview with TV Week, Olivia said it’s “absolutely disgusting that [Domenica is] getting a hero edit when she’s been revolting to her husband and other cast members.”

Ah, the drama. We love to see it.

MAFS continues tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.