Anon MAFS Bride Is Accusing Co-Stars Of ‘Buying Fake Followers’ & Demands She Get Her IG Back

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Over the years it has become apparent that aspiring reality stars only sign up for shows like MAFS and The Bachelor to launch their influencer careers.

This is one of the reasons why producers have now cracked down on their Insta activity by taking the keys to their ‘grams for the duration of the show and implementing punishments if they break the rules.

And since so many reality stars are so quick to slam their bad edits as soon as the show wraps, apparently the MAFS producers are holding onto those passwords for a while after the show ends.

A sneaky MAFS source told Daily Mail Australia that the cast “won’t be getting their socials back until at least May after the show has finished airing in the UK.”

The source claimed there’s “a lot of pressure” to stop the sneaky stars from going “rogue” while the show airs in New Zealand and the UK.

They said it’s “also another opportunity to hold their blue ticks hostage if they’re caught going to the press about their ‘horrible edits’.”

This has angered some of the cast members, according to one ticked off bride who bitched about the sitch to Daily Mail Australia, claiming that she and her co-stars are “worried” they’ll be “old news” by the time they regain access to their Instas.

“We have no choice but to wait,” she huffed.

“We are trapped. Some people have quit their jobs and are hoping MAFS is going to be their big break to never have to work again.”

The unnamed contestant went on to slam her co-stars, claiming “some girls have been buying fake followers to come out on top.

“It’s so obvious who it is. They’ve jumped 28,000 followers overnight two nights in a row, while everyone else is getting a few thousand.”

She concluded, “We’ve really got two or three months to get big before the new cast come along and we’re forgotten about.”

It comes after MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic alleged that her groom Brent Vitiello had confessed that he only signed on to the show to further his influencer career.

“This is his big break! I think he just wants to be an influencer and get some free teeth,” she told Hit Network’s Jimmy & Nath.

To Tamara’s credit, Brent said in a previous radio interview with Maz & Lakey that he has “huge plans” after MAFS that don’t involve reality TV and uh, I thought the point was to ~find love~?

Guess not!

MAFS continues on Sunday night at 7:30pm on Nine.