Now that the year’s almost over, it’s about time we set our sights to Married At First Sight 2021. According to some keen-eyed sleuthing from Insta page @MAFSfunny, next year’s season’s set to be packed with a bunch of D-list Aussie celebs, so yay for us… I guess.

With the first trailer being released last month, the clues for next year’s MAFS contestants were hiding in plain sight. We just needed someone to figure them out.

“Here’s a look at some of the new brides and grooms that have been recognised from ads or named in the press,” the Insta page wrote.

Among the upcoming contestants is the keyboardist and vocalist from Aussie metal band Make Them Suffer, Booka Nile, who already featured in her own teaser for the show.

“I’ve been a fan of Booka’s band @makethemsuffer for years so am super excited about her,” the page said.

“Gonna be fumin’ if she ends up being a villain haha.”

Also there is former AFL rising star Jake Edwards, who’s recently popped back into the public spotlight with his push to support people with mental health issues.

So far, so good. Two people doing cool shit in life.

Then we have radio host from Canberra’s Hit 104.7 station Bryce Ruthven, while Georgia Fairweather who hosts an online fintech TV channel and is also a bikini model is also set to be on the show.

There’s also theatre actor Johnny Balbuziente, who has starred in the Brisbane theatre productions of Roald Dahl‘s The Fantastic Mr Fox and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Finally, we have fitness influencer (and pilates studio owner, and former cop) Connie ‘Coco’ Stedman, who has been spotted during filming.

Compared to other shows which trawl the underside of Aussie red carpets to dredge up borderline randoms, this lot seem pretty alright.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of them start causing a bunch of drama or using their newfound reality TV platform to spread 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories.

So compared to previous years, a fair few of the contestants have a much higher public profile. But don’t go calling it a celebrity season just yet.

“For what it’s worth I’m told there is a good few ‘regular everyday’ people (a.k.a. not in showbiz already) on the new season haha,” @MAFSfunny wrote.

Image: Instagram / @MAFS