In case your eyes were glued to your telly screen last night, rather than Instagram, bc of MAFS, you may have missed that all the Bryce Ruthven drama spilled onto social media.

Bryce Ruthven dropped not one, not two, but THREE Instagram posts addressing the wild episode in which it was revealed that he’s has had a secret girlfriend this whole time.

“I’ve been honest from day one of the MAFS experiment, why would I start being dishonest now?” he wrote. Uh, I dunno, because you’re an asshole?

In the subsequent post, he wrote: “Very refreshing having @johnnybalbuziente come into the experiment, the poor bloke has no idea what he’s walking into tonight at the dinner party!”

And in the last one, a piccy of him with his MAFS missus, Melissa Rawson, Bryce Ruthven wrote: “We can’t please everyone but we know better than anyone what our relationship is really like. Hopefully you see that I absolutely adore this woman. You won’t find a better human being than @lissrawson.””

The comments were disabled on all posts, presumably because of the online backlash Bryce Ruthven has been receiving from MAFS fans.

ICYMI: In last night’s ep, it became public knowledge that Bryce Ruthven has had a secret girlfriend on ~the outside~ this whole damn time.

Wanna know how this all ends up? Well, a rogue MAFS contestant recently wrote in to the So Dramatic! podcast and revealed which couples go the distance and which ones call it quits.

Despite all the BS going down on the show between the pair, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson are still together now, can you believe?

Apparently he’s currently living in her hometown of Somerville, according to a hairdresser who revealed that Bryce Ruthven gave him all the tea while he was tizzing his ‘do.

Another listener spotted Bryce playing soccer in Somerville and sent the piccies in to So Dramatic!

The insider also discussed Bryce’s secret girlfriend who is actually his ex-fiance, Lana. Yikes.

“Bryce wanted to get the best of both worlds, a public relationship with Melissa, and a private relationship with Courtney,” a source claimed. Poor Melissa.

Apparently Bryce has been telling his mates that he’s only staying with Melissa for, as So Dramatic! put it, “damage control” ‘cos he comes off as such an asshole on the show.

Meanwhile an anonymous contestant wrote in to the poddy, claiming that Bryce is just staying with Melissa to keep the fame gig going, to repair his image, and to live rent-free.

So basically, the mess you saw on TV last night is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

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