Madonna Spawn Writes Fashion Blog

I love that being the child of the blessed Madonna makes you a fashion designer (if not jesus). Madonna and her 13-year-old offspring Lourdes have teamed up to bring out a new tween line for American department store Macy’s, and why shouldn’t she? This is simply the next step in her trajectory into the fashion world after dressing the dancers on Madonna’s last tour… apparently – but mum’s always talk up shit about their kids. Lourdes AKA Lola is pretty much a style icon already – what with her fierce eyebrows and gift for street-style accessorising.

Material Girl Collection (that is what it’s called) is set to hit the stores later this year, but in the latest blitz of marketing you can catch up on to Lourdes’ personal fashion mantras with her recent take entry into the blogsphere with a special ‘Meet Lola’ guest blog set up to spruik the collection.

It’s quite endearing to discover that Lourdes is not some freak creature of zen wisdom (might be expected from a child borne of Madonna’s womb) and has the lolz-heavy musings of an average 13-year-old girl: “Helluuur thurrrr, I’m Lola and this is my first blog entry so it’s kind of like ummmm…..”

Lola also shares pearls of wisdom on the collection: “It’s like 80’s themed, which pretty much rocks, so yeah.” “I am 4 realz excited for the opening which I will give you the exact dates for in my next blog entry, so stay tuned for more.” OMG you guys! The long and the short of it is she’s totally obsessivo about 80’s shorts, in love with brogues and no joke gladiator sandals are OUT, “I’m just like ???????” Totes.

UPDATE Here’s a teaser introduction to the collection with a suspiciously Taylor Momsen-esque model:

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Title Image by Jeff Fusco via Getty