Madonna And Avicii Is The Latest EDM Collaboration You Didn’t Particularly Want

In the world of EDM, collaborations between producers and pop stars are like white on rice, and the latest one coming to airwaves near you will be Madonna and Avicii.

The material girl announced the collaboration over Instagram, posting this photo with the caption “Doing some house work after 4 hours of sleep which is why i cant spell! On my way to the studio to work with Avicii!”

Doing housework in a ridiculous outfit aside, last month Madonna revealed to the Canadian Press that she was planning a new album, but kept any other information on it tightly under wraps. One could only speculate that Avicii will act as producer while Madge will bust out some vocals. Back in 2012, Madonna made an appearance at Ultra Music Festival to introduce Avicii’s remix of her single Girls Gone Wild, so it wouldn’t be the first time the two have paired together.

Personal opinions aside, there is no doubt the two artists aren’t enormously talented. Anyone who thinks otherwise probably has never pumped out Like A Prayer at karaoke or had a drunken dance to Levels. Though one can’t help but think this combination could be like putting two good things together and ruining both. Reading and walking? Ruined. Farting and showers? Ruined. Madonna and Avicii…?

Just have to wait and see.

Photo: Jeff Fusco via Getty

Via Rolling Stone