Madison Beer Reminisces Over A Bloody Awful Period Horror Story

As a dude, I don’t have a whole heap of experience with periods other than getting yelled at more aggressively at certain times of the month and a crash course in women’s biology courtsey of memes.

But what I DO know, is that periods aren’t a whole lot of fun and they can crop up at the most embarrassing of times.

For example, Madison Beer stopped by Seventeen recently and shared an incredibly embarrassing story of how she got her period at her first Justin Bieber concert.

“When I was pulling up to Justin Bieber’s concert, I was with my friend Nicole. We pulled up to general admission. Only five or six of the girls knew who I was because Justin had only recently tweeted my link.

“I got out of the car, and a few girls were asking me for pictures. I was so happy and so excited to be taking photos… and then in front of like 30 girls, this one girl was like ‘You’re bleeding, are you okay?’

“So I look down, and I was in these little black shorts, and I looked at my mum and started crying. I RAN to the bathroom and I was knocking on the door.

“This woman came to the door and I was like, ‘Man I just got my period… can you please let me in. I don’t know what to do. My mum doesn’t have any tampons, please help me!’ She was so sweet, she let me in and gave me a pad. I’ll be forever grateful to her because she saved my life that day.”

Sheesh, whatta nightmare. Thank god for the heaven-sent angel who came through with a pad, the world needs more of you.