‘Mad Men’s Creator Has Some Intriguing Thoughts on its Finale

It’s all going to be over soon – Mad Men‘s final seven episodes will start airing from April 5, and to be honest, we’re pretty sad about a future with no more Don Draper to look forward to.
That said, we’re excited as hell for the final episodes, especially since creator Matt Weiner has rather cryptically come out and said that each one of them “feels like the finale of the show.”
Per a report in Vulture, he was speaking, along with various key members of the cast like Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and January Jones, at a recent Television Critics Association panel on Mad Men.
While he obviously didn’t give away any details about the finale, he said that, in broad terms, he is “trying to delight” the audience, not frustrate them. “I don’t want them to walk away angry.”  
He also says that the finale will not “pander” to fans, nor will it necessarily give people what they want. “I know this sounds patronising,” he continued, “but as the person telling the story, [sometimes] people need to be protected from that they see.”
Elisabeth Moss, who portrays Peggy on the show, says that her character “has retained a lot of the qualities she had at the start, both in good ways and, unfortunately, bad.”

In other words, prepare for some more of that trademark Mad Men moral ambiguity.
There is no official continuation for the show planned, but the cast all have their own ideas about potential spin-offs. Jon Hamm used the TCA panel as an opportunity to pitch a new show called Better Call Pete, starring Vincent Kartheiser.
Even though the finale was filmed months ago, Jon Hamm himself is still suffering separation anxiety from the rest of the cast. “There’s no version of this ending that is not super painful of me,” he said.
Mad Men, he continued, has been “the single constant” in his creative life for the last decade. “And that’s kind of tough. I will never be able to have this again. And that’s a drag.” Aww.
This will be us come April 5:

Photo: Frederick M Brown via Getty Images