Machine Gun Kelly Said Corey Worthington Is His Fave Aussie & That’s Certainly… A Choice

When it comes to Aussie heroes, the usual picks are Bob Hawke, Kathy Freeman, Kylie Minogue, or even the foxymorons of Kath & Kim. 

Machine Gun Kelly, however? His fave Aussie icon is *checks notes* party boy Corey Worthington.

The rapper appeared on The Sunday Project yesterday where he was asked what content he’s loving right now, and he said that “in terms of Australian content, it’s still the homie with the glasses on that was like, 16 years old and threw the party at his parents house that the neighbours hated.”

“Still to this day, one of my favourite YouTube clips and content that Australia has produced.”

He clarified that “you guys are so much more than that, however that is a great, great piece of content.”

Kelly went on to say that “we don’t know it yet but he low key is like, an Australian historical figure, dude!”

So I guess that gives you somewhat of an idea of how viral that story went. Corey became a global sensation after throwing a wild house party at his parents’ house in Melbourne in 2008, when he was 16.

After posting the event on Myspace (the OG FB invite), a reported 500 punters rocked up and it turned into an absolute shitshow, resulting in police helicopters and the dog squad being called to the scene.

Then, after partaking in a series of trainwreck interviews, including that infamous one where he refused to take off his sunnies on A Current Affair, he became a household (and evidently global) name.

After that whole shebang, Corey found fame in reality TV, including the 2008 season of Celebrity Big Brother and a decade later on the 2018 season of Australian Ninja Warrior.

Have a peek at those wild scenes below (almost as wild as the house party he once threw, I reckon):

Corey with ex Big Brother hosts Kyle and Jackie O. (Credit: Big Brother Australia)

A ripped Corey on Ninja Warrior. (Credit: Australian Ninja Warrior)

Corey eventually made amends with his parents for trashing their home by appearing in a RedBalloon ad alongside his dad.

Seven years after the fact, the father-son duo featured in a commercial for the ‘gift experience’ company, and it truly was a special kind of cooked.

Have a go at the ‘Clean the Slate this Father’s Day’ ad below:

Look, in Machine Gun Kelly’s defence, we absolutely have no choice but to stan this bloke from now until the end of time.