Maccas Says No To Burger King’s McWhopper, These Guys Make Their Own

Firmly shuttering what could have been the most sweet, merciful creation since KFC replaced buns with two slabs of chicken and filled it with bacon and cheese, McDonald’s rejection of Burger King‘s suggested alliance—via the “McWhopper”, no less—was as cruel as it was tragic.

Not ones to let a great idea go to waste, Blake Phillips Martin Smiley and Michael Beveridge of YouTube Hits did what Maccas wouldn’t, and created their own holy unity, satisfying the Whopper X Big Mac equation.

Speaking on the ensuing burg on burg, Michael Beveridge told PEDESTRIAN.TV about the motivation behind DIY-ing the McWhopper, and how it ended up tasting:

“We created it because we could, which is how all good food creations come about. The flavour was really interesting. The Big Mac sauce found new life when mixed with the tomato of the Whopper, and the added Big Mac bread layer added a smoothness to the sometimes heavy ketchup and mayo sauce combo the Whopper.

The mixture of both the pickles really show how much difference a pickle can make (we prefer the buttery Big Mac pickle) and the whoppers patty, sometimes a little faux ‘charred’ for our liking, worked really well with the smoother round meat like patty from Maccas.


Blake Phillips told us that the partnership shouldn’t go unnoticed: “This marriage of flavours is a beautiful symbol of peace, bring on burger equality.”

Look on my works, ye McWhopper, and despair.