After six seasons, a cancellation by Fox, and then a revival by Netflix, the streaming giant has announced the premiere date for the final season of Lucifer. Prepare thyself for one last dance with the devil.

Netflix celebrated the date announcement with a quickie highlight reel of Lucifer throughout its seasons, plus a wee look at the final season. Mirroring the pilot episode from all that time ago, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is pulled over by a cop in the teaser and tells the policeman that it’s his “last night in LA”.

HMM, ominous. 

The release date and teaser was unveiled during the show’s panel at Comic-Con at Home 2021 over the weekend.

During the panel, Ellis talked about how this trailer is different to others Netflix has churned out for the show.

“We spoil a lot in our trailers and we like to do that because we like everyone talking. But this is the final season,” the actor said, according to IGN.

“We’re trying to keep our hands really close to the vest. This is the last year that we have secrets [and] can surprise people.”

And surprise people they will.

The panel, which also included executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, teased the return of a beloved guest star from the show’s past, and the introduction of a character that has only ever been talked about.

After God, played by Dennis Haysbert, showed up in season 5B, who could be next? Honestly.

Do with that information what you will. I’m sure diehard Lucifer fans will be able to figure out both of these mysterious appearances before the season premieres later this year.

Lucifer season 6 will hit Netflix come September 10. That’s not too long away!

Lucifer seasons 1 to 5 are streaming now on Netflix. If you’ve yet to tune into season 5B – they were released in halves this year – it kicked things off with a family dinner. There’s also a full-on musical episode, because why not? Lucifer, if anything, is always fun.

Image: Netflix