‘Lucifer’ Might Cop A Sixth Season At Netflix & Wow, The Devil Works In Mysterious Ways


In some welcome news to kick off your Monday mornings, Netflix is reportedly keen on giving its supernatural, crime drama Lucifer a longer lifespan on the streaming giant.

Netflix famously rescued the show after it was cancelled by Fox back in 2018. Netflix brought it back for a fourth season, and then renewed it for a fifth and final season. Or so it seemed.

According to TVLine, Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. Television to extend the show. I assume this means a sixth season. Or at the very least, a Christmas special? I don’t know. But let’s hope for a sixth season.

TVLine’s pretty on the money when it comes to these things so I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss it.

After Lucifer was renewed for its 10-episode fifth season, Netflix announced it had added another six episodes to it. Sixteen episodes is a lot these days for Netflix, just saying.

Anywho, season 5 will be split into two batches, with a little break in the middle.

Tom Ellis, the devil himself, announced the news during an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show (random, I know) last year.

“Netflix is going to drop eight episodes and then there’s going to be a little break and then they’re going to drop another eight episodes,” he said.

ALSO, season 5 will include a musical episode. Back in January, the crew told Entertainment Weekly that episode 10 will feature a slew of musical numbers. Can’t bloody wait, tell you what.

We’ll keep you updated on a release date, and whether or not we can officially / 100 per cent expect a sixth season of Lucifer. 

You can binge / re-binge season 1 to 4 on Netflix.