Star of Stan’s original dating show Love Triangle Patrick Hong has been accused of buying a heap of followers on Instagram to boost his image.

Per the Daily Mail, fitness instructor Patrick Hong’s Instagram following shot up from 5,021 to 134,607 in the span of just 30 days. Using data from Social Blade, the publication claimed there were days when Hong would make around 14,000 followers. On a random Friday? Seems fishy.

To make matters spicier, an anonymous Love Triangle co-star spoke to the Daily Mail, adding fuel to the claims he bought out followers.

“Two days before the last episode he had only 4,000 followers… two days later his account starts climbing by 10,000 and 20,000 yet nobody was commenting or liking his videos,” they said.

“If they were real followers his new girlfriend would have also gained followers, yet she’s still only around 1500.”

Hong’s on-screen girlfriend Lisa Leaño (who he has since broken up with) has only 1,640 followers on the gram — a far cry from Mr Insta Famous over here.

“The sad reason why Patrick’s buying followers is because he needs constant validation from people because he was really insecure about himself,” the co-star, who clearly has a lot of shit to talk, continued.

“He was quick to boast about having a blue tick. He was desperate to make it as an influencer after seeing how quickly people on other shows like MAFS were able to make a living after going on a show and it just didn’t happen.

“He only wants to pretend and prove that he’s some hotshot online coach because he’s got a blue tick now. He had a personal Instagram account that he was going to use for the show but then ‘deleted’ it and used the only one he had which was his business account… how convenient.”

Lordy. Time to go through the cast members and find out who the hell spilt all this tea.

The Daily Mail reached out to Hong for comment and his only response was “thank you for the green updates. Tell them it’s about $100 a follower if anyone is interested.” Spicy.

For reference, Hong is the most-followed member of the Love Triangle cast at 138,000 followers. He is followed by daddy Yannick Samarasinghe, who has 6,201 followers.