Power Ranking The Love Island Contestants By Who Bawled The Most In Last Night’s Ep

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Week two of Love Island Australia 2021 is done and dusted!

We’ve have two uncouplings now, and last night’s ep in particular had some major surprises and a whole lotta tears.

Based on the events of this past week, we’ve ranked the Love Island couples by who’s most likely to win.

Aaron and Jess

These two can’t make up their fucking minds, can they?

They’re jumping around from person to person like it’s musical bloody chairs. I know that’s the aim of the game, but I’m a Scorpio and we’re all about loyalty, so all this switching is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Anyway, my point is, I don’t see either of these two winning it, TBH. Not at this rate.

Ronni and Ari

Another two peeps who have been person-hopping for the past two weeks, which I love for them, but it also means I don’t reaaaaaally have faith in them taking out the crown as a couple (not yet, anyway).

Time will tell.

Mitch and Emily

These two are just ridiculously pretty. Even crying, they’re just gorgeous together.

Brunette Barbie and Ken vibes.

By that logic, they have a solid chance of winning, because let’s face it, we’re a shallow bunch!

Ryan and Lexy

Okay, I know in my last power ranking I wrote that Ryan could never redeem himself after the 500 women revelation, but in the Villa he’s surprisingly been a one-woman man (for the most part).

Ryan and Lexy have survived multiple recouplings now and it looks like they’re in it with a solid shot!

Bear in mind that the night is young and we’ve still got more intruders incoming, but for the time being, things are looking pretty noice for Ryan and Lexy!

Chris and Rachael

Like Ryan and Lexy, our Harry Potter-loving pair have survived the Triwizard Tournament, I mean, the uncoupling several times now.

They’re quickly becoming a fan fave and you simply can’t not root for them.

If Taku doesn’t end up winning this thing (which I’m fairly certain he will), my money’s on our fave witch and wizard!

Taku and Tina

I’m basically of the opinion that Taku can literally couple up with a piña colada and he’d still win! He’s won it, end of. It doesn’t matter who he’s coupled with, he is the true winner of this game.

That being said, I also have high hopes for his ~romance~ with Tina, especially after his spiel to her last night about wanting her to stay in the Villa because it won’t be the same without her.

If that doesn’t make Tina fall madly in love with him, nothing will!

Love Island Australia continues on Monday night on Nine. Get caught up via Nine Now.