‘Love Island’ Star Elias Reckons Justin Lost It At Him After Those ‘Camp’ Comments

Last night’s Love Island Australia episode was an emotional rollercoaster as we saw two dudes – Elias and Justin – leave the villa in a shock double eviction.

Obviously that means Elias and Justin have been doing the media rounds, and one of the hot topics of conversation is (ugh) Justin’s sexuality. Specifically, the moment Elias told Justin during a bro’s day out that he felt the reason he wasn’t having any luck on the romance front was because he was camp.

“Girls have said that they think you’re camp. Not referring to your sexuality at all, but like the way that you’re flamboyant … anyone who deserves to be with you, should easily be able to see past that.”

Elias has told news.com.au that the seemingly okay scene actually turned quite intense, after Justin took offense at Elias’ comment. Apparently an argument that wasn’t aired ensued.

“After that comment was made he had a very adverse reaction too off camera, it kind of got to the point where he said words and he might not have made it back into the villa. I think it brought up some trauma within him that he wasn’t fully aware of.”

An iTV spokesperson made this statement regarding the argument.

“Justin was never issued with a production warning about his behaviour during his time in the Villa”.


Elias also made a statement to Daily Mail on the matter.

“I tried to say it in the most diplomatic way possible. He kind of really worried me the way he reacted after that comment. There was a lot of talk about whether he’d be allowed back into the villa after that. He didn’t speak to me for the entirety of the week to us leaving.”


Justin has also spoken up about the confrontation. He said this to Daily Mail.

“It was confronting because I didn’t think Elias would say something like that… I left thinking why he of all people would say something like that. Quite frankly I don’t understand when I’ve come on to a television show looking for love, why my sexuality would be a topic of sentence between any of the islanders. In this day and age a lot of people do question sexuality. I’m just going to keep doing the same thing. People have asked me that and i’m going to answer it the exact same way, I am straight!”