Rumour Has It A TikTok Star Is Coming To The Love Island Villa Tonight, Which Is Very 2021 TBH

Love Island

A TikTok star is reportedly coming to the Love Island villa tonight, so let’s hope there’s no Addison Rae style TikTok dancing because then I’ll have to stop watching immediately.

According to gossip podcast, So Dramatic! the new hottie entering the Byron Bay villa is an influencer named Emily Ward — who also happens to be a Miss Universe finalist in 2021.

TBH I’ve never heard of Emily Ward, but with 250,000 followers on TikTok she must be pretty well-known on the app. Also, to be fair, Emily, my FYP comes from the fiery pits of hell. I don’t know what algorithm demon I’ve awoken with my chaotic sense of humour, but what I’m seeing on my feed certainly isn’t ~good~ for me.

Anyway, I digress.

It also turns out that Emily actually knows one of the other contestants in the villa… Rachael Evren AKA the one with all the Star Wars lego (RIP her feet).

“Emily and Rachael both know each other very well, they competed in the Miss Universe Australia competition together and they follow each other on every social media platform,” a source told So Dramatic!.

I really hope that Emily turns some heads in the villa. BUT what I’m most looking forward to is Casa Amor, which host Sophie Monk revealed was actually happening this year on an episode of Love Island Afterparty.

For those who aren’t aware of what Casa Amor is. Basically, it splits the boys and girls into different villas and brings in new, hot singles in an attempt to test their loyalty. It’s pure chaos and extremely anxiety inducing.

Can’t wait to yell at Ryan (Mr 500) from behind my TV screen when he inevitably ditches his partner for another identical blonde.

Givvus the drama, I’m ready.