Love Island Drama Rages On As Tayla Damir Slams Grant Crapp, Saying He Meant ‘Nothing’ To Her

Love Island Australia star Tayla Damir just rinsed her ex Grant Crapp on a podcast, even going so far as to say the bloke meant “nothing” to her and fucking ouch.

Appearing on the Shameless podcast, the influencer said she felt more embarrassed than heartbroken when she found out that her reality show sweetheart had been keeping a ~secret girlfriend~ on the side, just days after the pair won the season together.

“In the nicest way possible, that wasn’t heartbreak to me, that was more embarrassment,” she said.

“That was more, ‘Okay, this situation sucks and I fell for this’.”

But as embarrassing as it was for her, she says she always knew that their relationship had absolutely no hope in hell of lasting.

“It was six weeks [on Love Island]! It was not, ‘This is the person that I’m going to marry’,” she said.

“Yes, it felt like that being trapped in a little bubble at the time, but then coming out and realising that I felt so much more heartbreak over past relationships, I looked at this as, ‘You know what? You’re nothing, get away from me’,” she added.

Credit: Love Island Australia.

Grant and Tayla won the first season of Love Island Australia in 2018, taking home a cash prize of $50,000.

But despite winning over audiences, their relationship was doomed as just after the show wrapped, Grant revealed that he had a GF back in Canberra.

Apparently Tayla dumped him two weeks later after she discovered text messages on Grant’s phone that proved he was still in touch with Lucy, despite him insisting they were donezo. Sure, Jan.

Speaking to NW at the time, he said: “I was going into the villa with an open heart and looking for love. But then, I’ve come out, me and Tayla are finished and I’m back with Lucy.

“It does make you think about what you valued… the friendship [I had] before I went in there.”

In December, the Love Island bloke announced that he and Lucy are expecting a bb girl together.

“BABY CRAPP DUE APRIL. So excited to be a dad! She’s going to be soo cute!! I can’t wait to meet her. #whatayear,” he wrote on IG.

And as for Tayla, she’s cemented her WAG-status by dating AFL star Nathan Broad. Bless.

Now givvus a new season of Love Island, pls. We need fresh tea, stat!