Sophie Monk Is A Thirst Pilot In The First ‘Love Island Australia’ Promo

The first promo for Love Island Australia seems to be saying: yeah, you’ve seen that other show, where contestants find love, but on our show they fuck.

Sophie Monk stars as the (frankly, deeply unqualified) pilot, jetting a bunch of stupidly hot, thirsty singles over to the Love Island villa in Majorca, Spain.

“Welcome aboard you beautiful, sexy singles,” she says over the intercom. “Your love flight to Spain is about to take off. So buckle up… and couple up. ‘Cause we’re heading to the hottest summer of your lives.”

Cut to shots of the aforementioned singles stripping down to itsy bitsy bikinis and whipping their one million abs out. The Love Island franchise is many things, but it ain’t subtle.

Got enough abs to share with the rest of the class?

While these aren’t the actual contestants, unfortunately, Channel 9 promises that they are very much indicative of the cast. Time to get your thirst on.

Love Island Australia starts filming in Spain mid this year – with Sophie Monk as host, of course – so we can expect to be glued to our television screens sometime after that.