NO WAY: Four Love Island Australia Cast Members Were Actually Actors On The Low

love island australia 2022 actors

Surprise, surprise, a bunch of Love Island Australia cast members have been ousted as secret actors looking to get a headstart in their careers by getting on the show. You simply must respect the hustle.

Per gossip mafioso Megan Pustetto on the So Dramatic! podcast, a total of FOUR contestants from Love Island Australia 2022 want to make it to Hollywood with their acting chops.

In episode 237 of the poddy, Pustetto revealed that Claudia Bonifazio and Tak Chipangura appear on IMDB as actors in some Aussie film projects.

Bonifazio apparently acted her ass off in Wanted (2018) alongside Rebecca Gibney and stole the show in Going for Gold (2018) and Goober (2016). At least I assume so, I have never heard of these movies in my life and will probably never watch them. But in my imagination, she was the lead role.

Chipangura on the other hand appeared in the Aussie film Anthology (2015). Slowly building those acting credits, go off king.

Stella Hutcheon also has a bit of history as an actor but hasn’t quite appeared on television or in movies. Instead, she played a nurse in some low-budget video about vaccines. Yes, you can watch it for yourself below if you can forgive the homemade quality.

The fourth actor from the Love Island Australia 2022 season is Ben Gleeson, but he never really hid the fact that he has dreams of chatting it up with Hugh Jackman in first class.

“Sydney-based personal trainer Ben was once an accountant having studied economics, but decided to follow his real passion which has led him to Love Island Australia,” his Love Island Australia bio reads.

“As well as working as a PT, Ben is a keen actor, studying the craft and hoping to follow in the footsteps of Hugh Jackman who went to the same school as him in Sydney.”

Love that even the show is admitting it knows people use it as a platform for exposure. At least actors know how to bring the drama.

Per So Dramatic! Gleeson also has a profile on model and actor database The Right Fit, where he charges $800-$1000 a day for an acting appearance. Love the confidence!

I would highkey love to see a Love Island Australia alum make it to the Oscars or something. Now that would slay.