‘Love Island’ Star Cassidy’s Gone To Town On Grant & Tayla In Interviews

We all knew that once Cassidy was booted from the Love Island Australia villa, she would go IN on Grant and Tayla in any/all interviews.

There was no love lost between the couple and the gal scorned, and given Tayla literally said “bye Felicia” when Cassidy was evicted, that rage was there right until the very end.

Cassidy spoke to TheFIX today about what went down after THAT fateful re-coupling, in which Grant dumped Cassidy in favour of Tayla – only letting Cassidy know mere hours before the event.

“Yeah, so, that was the worst experience for me because when Tayla and I spoke right before the recoupling, I put my pride aside and asked for her to give me one day to get over it before they crack on,” Cassidy said. “Unfortunately, they did crack on that night in the bedroom.”

Cassidy reckons that while she doesn’t think they actually boned, they were absolutely getting into it – loudly.

I don’t think they had sex, but they definitely did move their relationship forward in front of me. This was where their immaturity really showed through, because they weren’t quiet. They were very loud under the sheets. Giggling, laughing, and very active. I felt like they were kind of sticking it to me, but I couldn’t understand why.

It all happened while other folks were awake.

Yeah, everyone was a bit angry. Erin was furious. I took it on the chin, I handled it like a champ, I didn’t mouth off, I took it as it was and said, ‘You know what? I’ve dodged a bullet.’ His loyalty faltered so quickly, and I don’t want a man like that.

And this showdown (which wasn’t shown on TV) was the reason behind Cassidy’s fury at Tayla.

And that’s why in the second re-coupling, when I chose Grant, Tayla’s actions and how she behaved were a reflection on her. And people will be able to see how I handled the first week, and how she handled the fourth week.

It’s all a bit DRAMATIC but hey, these people have been stuck inside a villa with each other 24/7, dealing with the fallout of broken flings and whatever. It’s bound to get a bit OTT.