Casa Amor Is FINALLY Coming To Love Island Aus, So Here’s A Sneak Peek Of The Incoming Hotties

Love Island Australia

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: Casa Amor is coming to Love Island Australia and knowing how wild the UK one gets, I cannot wait for the insane concept to make its way down under.

If you aren’t familiar with the UK version, Casa Amor splits the boys and girls into different villas and brings in new, hot singles in an attempt to test their loyalty. It’s pure chaos and extremely anxiety inducing. I still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about it.

It might seem pretty quick to be introducing Casa Amor before the Love Island couples are more comfortable. However, Love Island Australia is roughly a 30 episode season, so there actually isn’t very much time left.

Look, I’ll take an early Casa Amor over no Casa Amor. My life has been so boring during lockdown, so seeing a few himbos have their heads turned over at a new villa is just the excitement I need.

Anyway, let’s have a stalk of Instagram pages, shall we?

Sadee Sublaban

Noah Hura

Ben Giobi

Brent Crapp

Shayne Tino

Tayla Mellington

Michela Louis

Bree Marchant

Aisha Campbell

Audrey Kano

Ruby Ennor

Also side note: how good is the diversity? For once we have a real reflection of what Australia looks like. I mean obviously we don’t all have six pack abs and are incredibly hot, but… we’ll take what we can get.

“The Casa Amor cast are so diverse and so seductive – they’re really going to shake things up and turn heads in the villa,” Sophie Monk said of the cast.

The Love Island Australia chaos will resume on Monday at 9pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.