Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Spent Her First Day On Insta Telling Her Mum’s Fans To Suck Dicks

Lourdes Leon, Madonna

Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes Leon landed on Instagram overnight with a verified account, and she really didn’t come to fuck around. The 24-year-old model has only posted twice so far – sharing an image of her Juicy Couture campaign and a video from Stella McCartney and Adidas – and her mum’s fans flocked to the page.

Lourdes did not seem happy to be overshadowed by her famous parent, and in a series of savage replies, she was quick to remind commenters that it’s all about her now. “UR MOM IS AN ICON SIS” said one, prompting her to respond “so go follow her”. When another suggested that it’s time to give away some Madame X tour DVDs, she replied “time to suck a dick.”

When another fan asked when we can expect a singing debut, Lourdes pointedly replied “I’ll sing at your funeral.” Her comments quickly went viral and were shared by various people including Bradley Stern of the Legends Only podcast, and you can check ’em out below in all their glory:

I’d say that Lourdes appears to take after her famous mum, but I really don’t wanna cop any potential fallout from that so I’ll just go ahead and leave it there.