Louis Tomlinson Admitted All Those Larry Stylinson ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Still Piss Him Off


It’s been almost 14 years since the fateful day Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were placed in One Direction together. It was the beginning of an era, which promptly ended in just five years when the band called it quits in 2015. However, despite the near-decade since Harry and Louis had intertwined musical careers, the secret relationship rumours still persist — much to Louis’ frustration.

The now-solo singer (and father to a bebe!) Louis spoke to Brazilian news outlet G1 about the theories, which he’s always been openly salty about.

“What’s tough is, I realized this some years ago — there is nothing I can say. There is nothing I can do to dispel the believers of that conspiracy,” the 32-year-old said.

“They are so intertwined with what they believe to be the truth now that they won’t actually see the truth for what it is.”

In case you somehow missed the 1D fever in the early 2010s, fans were obsessed with the theory that Louis and Harry were secretly dating.

It takes one “Larry Stylinson” search (ugh, the term just gave me war flashbacks) on YouTube to see what I’m talking about.

Countless edits and compilations of the two hugging, smooching each other’s cheeks, linking arms, and sharing what some decided were longing looks at each other were edited to tragic love songs. Other moments were compiled into GIFS on Tumblr or Twitter. I have never seen a fandom obsession of real people quite like it since.

Add some sad music over this about staring longingly at someone you can’t have and bam, you have a Larry edit. Image: Getty.

“It does irritate me a little bit, you know? But it is just kind of [the] nature of the job, I suppose,” Louis said.

“There are times where it gets a little bit… at times it gets far too personal within that whole space.

“I’ve got my son Freddie [who is] the most important person in my life. Occasionally it kind of broaches some stuff that is really unfair.

“It kind of just is this thing that exists now. There’s nothing I can do about it, there’s nothing I can say about it to stop people making up what they want to make up. So be it!” he concluded.

Another example of the kind of picture Larry fans would run wild with. Image: Getty

The drama certainly can be unfair — during the peak of the Larry Stylinson fever, anyone Louis or Harry dated would be inundated with troll messages and general online vitriol for daring to get in the way of what people believed to be two men in love.

Louis’ long term ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder was one such victim of Larry fans, and there were several times where Louis had to speak out in her defence because of the hate she faced.

Zayn Malik also said in an interview in 2015 that fan behaviour had become so toxic that Louis and Harry were afraid to show each other any affection at all. The two have barely had any public contact since the band split, and it makes you wonder — would things be different if they weren’t under this ridiculous pressure?

Honestly, it’s tragic that it’s gotten to the point where he is still exhausted by the drama a decade after it began. You’d think by now, in 2024, we’d stop speculating about people’s sexualities — especially if they’re begging us to — but nope.

Let’s hope people get the hint this time, at the very least.