Louis Theroux has a pretty hotly anticipated doco about Scientology, called ‘My Scientology Story’ coming out very soon. Anyone who has watched anything to do with the Church probably knows that it’s a liiiittle bit batshit within the ranks of the secretive organisation (Alex Gibney’s ‘Going Clear’ is a great one). 

Theroux dropped a teaser via Entertainment Weekly which shows Scientologists doing what Scientologists do: getting a little creepy in their methods to keep the reputation of their organisation intact. A group of members apprehend Theroux, start filming him, and demand that he leaves the area, despite the fact he was legally permitted to be there.

This follows a long period of intimidation tactics Theroux alleges the Church used against him during the filming of the doco. He detailed a pretty alarming program the Chruch’s goons unleashed upon him:

“In the course of making my film I came to believe I was being tailed by private investigators, someone in Clearwater, Florida (Scientology’s spiritual mecca) attempted to hack my emails, we were filmed covertly, I also had the police called on me more than once, not to mention a blizzard of legal letters from Scientology lawyers.”

Scary stuff. This is all leading up to the Tribeca premiere on April 17 – sounds like this one will be a cracker. Presumably it will be absolutely rife with trademark Louis Theroux faces.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

Image: Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson.