Louis Theroux Rating His Fans’ Tribute Tattoos Is Truly The Purest Content

To promote the release of Louis Theroux‘s latest doco series, Altered States, an insight into how the Americans handles birth, love and death, Theroux has responded to fans’ tattoos of him.

It’s a deeply bizarre collection of images, which immediately appeals to Theroux, who’s always had a penchant for the strange and wonderful. He’s a warm and curious guy, guys, of course he’s going to see your crazy-ass tattoos of him and think ‘Oh, it’s wonderful!’ Also, he’s British so polite.

Our bespectacled friend’s responses to literally all of these is a pondering nod, followed by the conclusion that “I like it!

The first one, a weird alien blue, maybe seafaring Theroux? He likes it because it’s mysterious/makes no sense.

Then there’s the ‘Gotta get Theroux this’ tat that he considers the best, most handsomest version of himself: “It’s definitely me as I appear to myself in my dreams.

He actually starts the sentence, “What I love about this one…” to describe the “rapscallion“/edgy Louis he is next presented with, complete with one dangly earring, lippie and pink eyeshadow: “It’s amazing, isn’t it?


Finally he’s presented with a Weird Weekends era Louis, captioned “I consider myself fucked,” which is actually from My Scientology Movie. He is most shocked by this one: “Oh Jesus.” But ultimately resolves that he likes it, because it’s a bit different, a bit unusual.

Altered States deep dives over three episodes into issues surrounding open adoption, euthanasia and polyamory, Theroux meeting people in situations you may have never thought much about.

The full Altered States series airs on Foxtel and Fetch TV‘s BBC Knowledge from December 6. And you can catch the Weird Weekends-style Altered States: Love Without Limits – the polyamory one – in selected cinemas from tomorrow.